An Appleyear | October – November 2019

EVA-Apples: Hello Karin, we now met the last time. Again I want to thank you that you allowed us to join you the full season. Tell us please, how was this year´s crop? Are you satisfied?

Karin: Hello Roland. Yes too bad this is the last time. It was a pleasure for me to show how my work life is and pass my knowledge to you. In regard of this year´s crop I´m satisfied considering that spring again had some cold nights. Overall we had a good yield and quality was also good. The apples have a high sugar level because of the good summer and fall this year. This gives the apples an excellent taste.

EVA-Apples: How would you describe the characteristics of this year´s crop?

Karin: We have 5 different varieties and everyone has it´s unique characteristics. Usually we are starting with Gala, which is rather smaller, intensive red and has a sweet and juicy flavor. Afterwards we are harvestig Golden Delicious. The big yellow apple, which has a rather sour note. This is followed by our club variety EVELINA, which by the way is my personal favorite. A bicolored apple, which has to have 60% shining red color and has a sweet and juicy taste. Our new club brand Tessa, of which there are only very little on the market at the moment, is a very firm apple. The shape of Tessa is rather long and has a sweet flavor. At the end we are harvesting Braeburn, which is also firm with very red color and a sweet-sour taste.

EVA-Apples: Did you face any unexpected challenges over the last weeks, which would have a strong impact on harvest but which you were able to solve in time?

Karin: One of the biggest challenges of course is always the weather, especially heavy rain during harvest. But we have been blessed this year. It has been a wonderful fall and we were able to harvest in time as we could drive on our orchards all the time. Also our harversting people are antoher important factor who this year have been very eager and highly motivated.

EVA-Apples: I believe after these intense weeks you are very relieved that everything went well. What are your next steps?

Karin: As these are really the most stressful time during the year we are of course extremely happy, when everything is done and we were able to harvest without any issues. Our harvest season lasts until end of October. Afterwards there is some follow up work to do. Like rolling up the hail nets and prepare them for winter, fighting voles, mulch a last time before winter, get rid of the weed around the trunks and put in machines and tools for winter storage.

EVA-Apples: Which projects are you facing in the last 2 months of our blog in October and November?

Karin: There are no big projects planned for October and November. In the last years we renewed some orchards with new trees, so there are no trees to clear or to replant. But we will start with the preparations for next year as there are some projects which have a certain lead time.

EVA-Apples: It´s incredible how quick a year is during by. How did you like our collaboration and what has been a very special moment for you?

Karin: Also for me it was an interesting time. Many of my operational steps are daily business. The more it was interesting for me to share my knowledge with you. It was also good for me as it also became obvious to me, how work and dedication it takes to have a decent crop. Special moments have been your visits to our farm and of course your help during our EVELINA harvest. Also it was interesting to learn, how many people are interacting with our blog.

EVA-Apples: Karin, I´m happy that I was able to join you the last year. It has been incredible exciting time and it was interesting for me to see, which challenges you have to face during one year. It was impressive to learn, how much work and especially costs you have to invest to have a solid apple production. For us it was also a fun time and we hope you enjoyed the collaboration. Do you also have last questions to us?

Karin: For us, harvest is over which means you are starting sales of new crop. What are your goals for this year?

EVA-Apples: That is true. We have spoken about the basic structure of our goals in the last episode already. As you know yourself, the last year has been extremely difficult for everybody. This  is true. We have spoken about the basic structure of our goals in the last episode already. As you know yourself, the last year has been extremely difficult for everybody. This year we are facing a different playing field. Nevertheless we as a company need to make sure to find a way to not get too independent on external factors. That means that for example that we need to serve our regular customers better and bring them even closer to us. Last year has also shown us that there are potentials which we are currently not using as we should. It´s a big goal of us to improve ourselves in those fields, expecially in the upcoming season.